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Banner for Food4Thought (food-based climate change mitigation campaign)

Nicolas Feil

Posted on March 22, 2020

Dear All for Climate collective,
I'm Nico, outreach officer at Food4Thought and founder of the Food4Thought branch at the London School of Economics (LSE). We want LSE to phase out animal products from its restaurants and cafés. 
  • The UK Committee on Climate Change (2019) concluded that we need to cut UK meat and dairy intake by a fifth to meet the UK 2050 net-zero target and that information alone is insufficient to direct diet change. Instead they propose taxes and interventions at changing consumption patterns!
  • Evidence has shown that food has a great and overlooked potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, an Oxford study found that substituting beef in an omnivore diet yields a 20% carbon footprint reduction per person, and going plant-based a reduction by 61 to 73% (Poore and Nemecek 2018).
  • We are currently working with LSE to assess it carbon reduction potential from food, and we estimate that taking beef off the menu alone would yield a 5% carbon footprint reduction.
For our campaign, we would like to buy a banner for around £30. 

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