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The goal of AmberELEC is to create an easy and ready-to-use way to enjoy our favorite old games on handheld devices without struggling with settings or configurations.

AmberELEC, originally 351ELEC, was created in 2020 as a single developer's fork of EmuELEC.  Since then, AmberELEC has developed a thriving community of developers, testers, early adopters and users (see our discord).

The community has stepped up at every opportunity to provide development help, testing, documentation, build infrastructure, graphic design, support and more.  In many ways, AmberELEC is unique among handheld firmwares in that is really is the community.  There is no single person who makes all decisions, instead being lead by a project lead and other developers and community members who took over after the departure of the founding developer.  Said another way, AmberELEC is bigger than any one person.

In response to the question of donations, in the past, we have responded that it is better to be involved in the growth and improvement of the community in whatever way you can and not complicate things with money.  We work on AmberELEC because we love it.  However, as we've grown and people have contributed build infrastructure, domain hosting, development devices, etc, there is a danger that a single person stopping their contribution could have a large negative impact on the AmberELEC community.
We have setup this collective to ensure that the AmberELEC community survives and thrives in the future regardless of who is involved.  In the same way we work to preserve old games for the future enjoyment, we want to ensure AmberELEC is there to play them.

To be clear: there will be no additional privileges in response to your support, nor do we plan to give our supporters special treatment.  What is important to us is the community and donating is another way to to improve and support our community.

The raised funds will be used for infrastructure expenses and additional developer kits at the discretion of the AmberELEC team.  AmberELEC will remain free, open source and without paywalls just as it always has been.

A big thanks to all our developers, supporters, users and all those who believe in our project.

All the best,
- The AmberELEC Team 


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