Happy 2021 - get involved in mutual aid this year!
Published on January 2, 2021 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

In the week before Christmas we distributed over 500 kg of food from our communal store + since setting up the solidarity fund we have redistributed 235 grants of £30 each. As lockdown continues, we know it'll be even more important for us all to work together to support each other. This is your organisation, get involved if you can.

Email/facebook message us if you have questions about getting more involved this year - [email protected]


Over the Christmas period we have been filling the community larders daily with fresh fruit/veg as well as tinned/preserved stuff.

This fund is still temporarily closed as we try to raise more money so that people have less of a wait when they apply. Keep spreading the word + encouraging monthly contributions. These start at just £3 - https://opencollective.com/arthurs-hill-solidarity-fund/donate