On the lookout for drivers in the West end of Newcastle!
Published on November 14, 2020 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

Along with Elswick Mutual Aid we've been getting food out to lots of households across the West end each week, as well as all the food that goes into the phoneboxes. Yesterday 30 households had a food delivery feeding 129 people! You can see a photo update here - https://twitter.com/MutualElswick/status/1327316072450682892?s=20 

We're on the lookout for drivers to help get food out on a Friday. If you or anyone you know can help or want to know more please get in touch : ) 

This week we've had people get in touch looking for a vacuum cleaner and a phone. If you have either of these things to donate let us know! We're also always looking for more old laptops to do up and redistribute. 16 have been given out so far!!

In solidarity, 

Arthurs Hill Mutual Aid 

[email protected] / 0191 6911 363

Ps. Keep dropping food off into the phoneboxes! They're still being topped up daily with donations we receive as a group but donations from individuals really help too. Maybe you can organise a collection from your street or neighbours to drop in!  Here's some of what's been dropped in recently - https://twitter.com/NCLMutualAid/status/1324766022440751104?s=20