Over a year of mutual aid!
Published on March 24, 2021 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

We've now been going for just over a year! 100s of people in Arthurs Hill and the West End have connected through facebook, whatsapp groups and events we've organised together. Thanks so much to everyone for being part of it!

Nearly 100 laptops, desktops and tablets have now been refurbished and distributed! We're still looking for more to do up so if you have any old tech lying around or know anyone who might please get in touch by emailing [email protected] Please spread the word!

Almost £10,000 has now been given out in solidarity fund grants to people across the West End! Thanks so much for your support keeping this going and helping make sure people know how to access the fund.

We've currently got about 20 people on our waiting list and our regular £450 in monthly contributions isn't quite meeting demand so if you know anyone who may want to donate please do share the link - https://opencollective.com/arthurs-hill-solidarity-fund/donate

Food distribution is continuing and we're starting to get set up as a food membership organisation so watch this space or contact us if you'd like to get involved! Here's a snapshot of last week's food distribution -  https://twitter.com/MutualElswick/status/1373289558289309697?s=20  We always need more people to help pack and deliver food so let us know if you can help :)