West end food distribution - can you help?
Published on November 24, 2020 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

We're continuing to distribute food around the West end regularly on a Friday. If you can help with sorting food as deliveries come in on a Thursday or packing up and delivering food for different households on a Friday please let us know! You can contact us on [email protected] / 0191 6911 363.

We're also always looking for more sources of free or cheap food. If you have any ideas or can help, please let us know. The more we can all work together to support each other within our community the better!

Last week food went out to 40 households - a total of 149 people! Lots of different people were involved in helping from sorting and packing food, to taking orders, to driving food to different addresses. This doesn't include the food that went out into our community larder phoneboxes and all of the other support people in the community received through mutual aid, from new items of clothes to laptops to grants received through the solidarity fund : )

In solidarity,

Arthurs Hill Mutual Aid

PS. We forgot to take photos last week but here's one from the week before - https://twitter.com/MutualElswick/status/1327316072450682892?s=20