**West End Mutual Aid groups this week**
Published on December 1, 2020 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

On Friday, along with Elswick Mutual Aid, we delivered food to more households than ever before! We also had the biggest number of people helping out that we've ever had with over 20 people involved in organising, packaging + delivering food. We're always looking for more people who can chip in to keep this going every week - get in touch if you want to help + spread the word!

Our Westgate Road community larder's also had a makeover this week + we've got a new poster to encourage people to contribute food to our mutual aid food distribution work. Please share it!

There are currently 19 grants on the waiting list for the solidarity fund - we're now very close to paying out our 200th no questions asked, no judgment grant! If you can chip in a little extra or spread the word to others who may be able to, you can help us pay out all of the grants before Christmas :)