Tech for all!
Published on February 4, 2021 by Arthur's Hill Mutual Aid

Over the past month we've fixed up, refurbished + distributed over 40 laptops, tablets + desktops to people in the West End. We've now given out over 60 devices to people in the West End to help people study + apply for jobs! The Department for Education has promised devices for all school students but we know this is very far from happening + we are still being contacted by families without the devices they need to access online learning.

A few smart phones have also been requested + sourced this month, particularly supporting people living under No Recourse to Public Funds to access services + stay connected to friends + family.

If you or anyone you know may have an old laptop, tablet, desktop or smart phone please get in touch! We've also got a few people working on fixing up old devices - if you want to help out let us know : )

In solidarity,

Arthurs Hill Mutual Aid

[email protected]

0191 6911 363