Greetings from Baghdad!
Published on September 24, 2021 by Jon Chaconas

Dear Baghdad Skatepark Contributors,

Amidst election campaigns and religious holidays, we are in Baghdad building momentum with the local skateboarding community for Baghdad Skatepark!
Here is what we have been up to this week:
1) The Islah Reparations Project (Kali and Jon), the local skateboarders, and community members were interviewed for a BBC international news story about Baghdad’s first skate park.
2) We facilitated a girl’s skating workshop run by local skaters for local skaters, which recruited a large following of female skaters.
3) We started the loaner board program, distributing skateboards to kids who otherwise would not have one.
4) With our local partners, Sports Against Violence, we are working directly with the youth of Baghdad to build community and collaboration among Iraqi skaters. 
5) In addition to assembling 40 skateboards, we are planning a concrete skill-building workshop in the coming days, to teach local youth about concrete skatepark construction.
It has become more apparent than ever, after being around these skaters who are so hungry to build community from the ground up in Baghdad, just how critically they need a safe, public gathering space to practice skateboarding.

We are still actively fundraising to make this park the best it can be. The more funds we raise, the bigger and better their park can be. So please continue to share the campaign with friends and family so that we can create the biggest possible impact for the youth of Baghdad. As the project continues, expenses will be documented on And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @baghdadskatepark for the latest project updates. Yallah!

Kali and Jon