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Community Supported Fundraising Event in SF: Updates from Last Week!
Published on August 8, 2022 by hannah mayree

Although most of our Summer activities have been focused on programming teaching banjo playing and building, last weekend, July 30 2022, the  @confettiartscollective based out of San Francisco hosted a wonderful fundraiser for the BBRP! We are so glad that many of you were able to make it to the event! For those of you who were part of this event organizing, volunteering, reading poetic works, sharing your amazing ceramic art, cooking, donating, sharing flyers, a HUGE THANK YOU from all of us at BBRP! This event was a success because of all of you.  Here is an additional  update on that event!

This event was birthed out of some requests Hannah had put out earlier in the year to people in our spheres of support to be part of taking some action toward fundraising for the Banjo Project.

Jenny & Laura, two organizers and artists with the Confetti Arts Collective, put together a fundraising event that  was super creative and produced a fun and enriching night last week.

They came up with some really amazing ideas on how to fundraise and held the event in a large outdoor space in the heart of San Francisco, known as Yelamu for even longer by its indigenous name.

The basis was using homemade ceramics as vessels for a meal that was served that evening, accompanied by music and poetry and a chill ambient vibe for the evening. Such a cool idea!

The event was able to raise close to $2000 which was the goal for that night!

The invitation was very much open to anyone interested in supporting our work and aligning with our intentions of a liberated world while centering African Diasporic people in the world of arts, craft & community building.

This fundraiser is directly supporting expenses associated with our work which right now includes transforming our group into a cooperative entity, as we transform and grow our ecosystem into a self sustaining and generative one for the years to come. 

Really though an especially huge thank you to each artist who contributed their energy toward supporting the BBRP. The ceramicists, poets and other sponsors are listed at the bottom of the page with the addition of Landon Smith who also contributed poetry that night. Thank you are for using your art to support more creativity and community ventures! We are here for you if you ever need the same 🙏🏽🎶👏🏾🌼💜🙌🏽✊🏾

Thank you all for the many contributions you are making to cultural reclamation in your own lives and in ours 🌅🪕🖤🙏🏽🎶🌼🙌🏽✨🌺🌍