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Open Collective

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With this tier, you would be helping us pay to have moderators.

Content moderation is an absolutely essential for the healthy functioning of any Mastodon server. Our users are multiply marginalized, living with two or more intersecting oppressions. We deserve to have a community space that aggressively pursues our safety, and that requires skilled moderation by other Black queer people. And robust moderation performed by members of our community is important labor that must be paid for.

Right now, we are fundraising for us to keep our two moderators due to increasing amounts of racist harassment our instance is experiencing from across fedi. This harassment is not predominantly coming from the "worst-of-the-worst" known white supremacist instances, which means it is much more difficult to block out. Previously, I was putting a lot of my own time and energy into keeping the instance running with only one additional moderator, but it just wasn't sustainable in the long run. With two mods, we have been much better covered.

Simply put, I need BOTH of my moderators helping out and to make sure they are being paid for it. And if you don't agree with the way Black fedizens are treated, I have a tangible way you can demonstrate solidarity and help promote a fediverse where Black folks of every sexuality, gender, etc are truly welcome. The support is sorely needed because right now, it's a struggle. Thanks for reading and if you do donate, I am truly truly grateful.


Goal $75 USD / mo.


$75 USD / mo. goal



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