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We are just getting Started: The Last 6 Months in CHAOSS Africa
Published on December 15, 2022 by Ruth Ikegah

CHAOSS Africa is a project focused on discovering unique challenges that African Open Source communities face and developing initiatives to solve those unique challenges. The goal is to empower African Open Source communities to think deeply about health and sustainability by ensuring consistent quality from its contributors and, in turn, rewarding valuable members.

CHAOSS Africa started in June 2022, and in the last six months, we have recorded tremendous success and growth. Currently, we have over 200 members; the Twitter account has grown to over 800 followers, records of over 1000 listeners on the educational Twitter spaces, and up to 20 attendees in the bi-weekly community syncs.

This year, we have focused on investing in a smooth onboarding experience for our new community members. While we continue to do this, next year, we will be implementing a working group that will focus on helping African Open Source Communities with the following:

1) Metrics and metrics models that can help overcome open source challenges in Africa
2) Consider how the metrics and metrics models could be deployed via software to help communities consider them in their context.
3) Capture stories of how the metrics and metrics models worked or didn't work in their community.

By helping African Open Source Communities measure health and sustainability, they can:
  • Make informed decisions based on data and know where they are lacking
  • Build software that is sustainable and relied on by the world
  • Determine what their community needs are, respond to them, and evaluate the results of their work
We have not had any financial contributions; if you're looking to sponsor or contribute financially,
check out our sponsorship tiers. 

- Ruth Ikegah