Christina Bowen

Knowledge ecologist. Gorge GENIE founder. Co-founder of The Digital Life Collective. Human @hiproj. Advisor @united_vote.

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Hello! Pleased to meet you, and thrilled to be here on Open Collective.

I founded Gorge GENIE to support the amazing communities across the Columbia River Gorge increase our effective collaborations and collective impacts. GENIE develops and maintains a network map as a public resource. We also host events to help those active across many different aspects of life in the Gorge, and to inform the information on the map.

I also cofounded the Digital Life Collective, a magical collection of unlikely people seeking to nurture #TechWeTrust.

A knowledge ecologist, I follow the transformation of information in communities and organizations as a wetland ecologist might trace the movement of nitrogen through a river system. While we can't tag an idea like a nitrogen isotope, we are building an understanding of what creates dams and pollution, and of what supports diversity and adaptability in our knowledge ecosystems. To help shed light on relationships and flows, I often use system and network maps. A catalyst, learner and researcher, I am proud to be one of the few recommended Kumu mappers. In every endeavor I support, I work to align the structures of ownership with the values of all stakeholders. The Digital Life Collective is at the core of that effort.