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published on April 12, 2018
A Manual Catalog Management Tool And Application For Indie Artists, Labels And Entities.The TELET XL PRO C.A.T - Catalog Admin Tool and standalone's, 'Office Hours' and 'Office Ours' (White Label) interface is now available to demo from Audocs Systems.…


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Music & Audio Supply Chain Management

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Programs & Services

DISTRIBUTION: Physical and Digital music supply chain management services. From factory to retail, aiding brand based networks, niches, styles & genres.

PUBLISHING: Account integration for music royalties, For indie writers, companies and PROS stream of income.

MARKETING: Promotions, Merchandising and Product Placement Programs. Including PR, Advertisement in digital and physical realms.

CREATIVE INCUBATOR: Programs for new and aspiring artists, producers and publishers (PROS).


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