BrusselsTogether Meetup 6

Wednesday, July 5, 2017, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+01:00)


BrusselsTogether is delighted to invite you to its 6th Meetup of the year.

For this edition, get ready to learn on the topic of sustainable food. Exchange with great associations working in this field and taste delicious local food!

BrusselsTogether organizes monthly meetups on the first Wednesday of the month to celebrate bottom-up initiatives that make Brussels a better city to live and work. Join the community

Agenda & Speakers:

7.00 pm - Doors open

7.30 pm - Presentation of #BrusselsTogether

7.40 pm - Géry Brusselmans, contributor of Tartine et Boterham

7.50 pm - Seb Dp, contributor of FruitCollect

8.00 pm - Tom Gendry, contributor of Co-oking

8.10 pm - TBA


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30 people going

coraline Petit
Hoolie - Location de vaisselle ancienne
Eva Raffaella Menga
P_urifing conversations of taste by PPP. Our relationship to food is a resonance of life where PPP production has been planted as a food design concept providing a sharing tool.
Marc Escudeiro
Zora Hlavcova
Mariana's friend, I support here vegan festival :)
Noémie Mortreu
Je viens de terminer mes études et en parallèle une formation sur l'alimentation durable. Enthousiaste et entrepreneuse, j'aimerai lancer d'ici quelques années un projet ou en rejoindre un dans le secteur de l'alimentation durable!
Risa Pavia
Florence Haumann
Philippe Geus
I work in a video production house
Gabrielle Sutton
International lover of the earth!
adrien arial
Chargé du projet La Bourse aux dons, au sein de la Fédération des Services sociaux et de la concertation aide alimentaire. Je suis curieux d'en apprendre un peu plus sur les différentes initiatives Bruxelloise au sujet de la nourriture.
Mariana Leão
Master student in Philosophy ULB
Christina Campo
Phd Researcher at VUB
Caroline Jonckheere
Ielizaveta Iermakova
young architect in search of real life goal
Arnaud Carbonez
Always open to new idea's
Aline Galeli
Frédéric Comté
Etudiant en management et entrepreneur
Shanthuru Premkumar
I am a Vegan, Vipassana meditator.
demortier geraldine
Julie Lambin
Julie Anciaux
Passionée par le dévelopement durable
Sarah Lenoir
Boîte de création d'outils de communication média (vidéo, photo, web, graphisme) pour des projets proposant une alternative aux défis socio-culturels, environnementaux et économiques.
Diana Maggiore
Working for a fair and just future
Sofia Barbeiro
Alexandra Saveljeva
Artist,Filmmaker, Chairperson of NGO"Bioetika" in Latvia. Doing internship in WYA,organising European Arts Forum 2017
cristian gheorghiu
a living conscious perceptive being
Liliana Bordeianu
In a relationship with food. Status: it's complicated!
Axelle Minne
Food Designer
Andrea Torcivia