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Published on April 19, 2021 by Andreas Bülow


Community Games

A new way to approach the video game market! Or just a way to save costs? Well, it is actually both. If you ever were more invested in video games, you noticed how great the modding communities can be.It would be a shame to waste that potential.

Way too many talented artists, be it graphic, audio, animation, modelling, ...., programmers, want to join a AAA gaming studio, but only a few can get a position there. On the other hand, publishers know that and some bad apples abuse that, so that the working conditions can be, lightly said, a bit unsatisfying and unpleasant. We don not want the artists, and they are real artists, when you see the work they do, to end in grinding wheels of profit maximization by people, having studied business management, only seeing the ROI and share prizes.

So what do we do better? Hopefully, the games in the first place. So many highly anticipated games ended up rushed or killed by microtransactions. We want our games to be for the players, not for the investors. And that also requires us to treat our artists fair and decent.

But than, this is still a work in progress, no studio, no employees yet. Today, it's a one-man-job, creating the valid business model, investing in equipment, etc. The timeline should read a bit like:
- summer 2021: finishing business plan, finding a location
- fall 2021: gaining early investors to pay 3-5 employees to start on the first game
- summer 2022: alpha status of the first game

Obvious, the salaries will be the biggest expenses. We plan on a 50.000 Euro per year starting salary, which is way below the industry standard, but we also have to raise that money first. In our opinion, it is a decent living standard and we plan to add revenue-depending boni in the same value. This would make the salary more industry-standard and also give the employees a part in the value they create. Our company shall not focus on profit maximization. We want our expenses covered, our employees paid, and a fair reserve for future porjects. 

Sadly, as we do not have the funds all ourself yet, we will need either crowdsourced money or we have to take debt / investors. We will seek investors, that want the product, the company, the idea to be realized than to earn the highest possible profit. We understand that they want some return too. And that is fair. We want more a partner than some money-giver. Think more about the Islamic banking system than the modern Western one. (And we say that as deeply Westerners we are. Btw. really look it up, it is a great thing!). 

So, to finish that essay here, current status: I'm a single optimistic guy, hoping to be the seed for more qualitative and more honest game development. All money someone crazy would give NOW, will be donations to myself, for my personal expenses and living. As we all need a living space, food and such strange stuff. I have not registered any company, so the only tax-acceptable way is, you donate the money without any consideration on your site.

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