What happened in December?
Published on December 30, 2020 by Lucie Anglade


In December, there were some releases: WeasyPrint 52.2 and pydyf 0.0.1 🎉

WeasyPrint 52.2 is one of the last releases depending on Cairo and the master branch is now working with pydyf (don’t worry, Cairo version has its own branch: 52.x).

There’s still work to do on the pydyf version. Please see our article to know more about it.

Also, some bugs have been fixed! 🐛

On WeasyPrint, kerning is now smooth and clean for small fonts, inline-blocks don’t lose their padding/border/margin when their width is calculated and there are no more crashes with page-break on multi-columns blocks.

And on CairoSVG, there are no more crashes with unknow tags, opacity is now handled correctly for raster images and so is the curve special case aka straight line.

Thanks for supporting us 💜

The CourtBouillon team 🍲