A rhythm game powered by the community.

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What is this?

You probably should know what is this, but feel free to read our marketing description on App Store or Google Play.

Or, if you wish to hear some background story or technical details, head to our GitHub page.

Our mission

Cytoid is a mobile rhythm game born in the community — all levels are designed & created by players like you. Our primary goal is straightforward: if you are a music lover, you can enjoy your favorite songs by the means of a rhythm game; if you are a rhythm game lover, there are hundreds (if not thousands in the future) of levels waiting for you to take a challenge on. Best if you are both.

But we also want to achieve something else. Do you routinely discover new music, or stick to your usual taste? In fact, many small musicians make amazing tracks, but so many of them are under-discovered. We strongly encourage level creators (or even musicians themselves) to design levels for undiscovered indie music, exposing them to Cytoid's expanding player base. After all, awesome music ought to be heard, right?


There are many ways to contribute: if you are an Unity developer, please join Cytoid's development on GitHub; if you are a chart maker, please create some fun charts for everyone to play. But since this page mostly involves money, let's talk about financial stuff.

Simply put, increasing popularity → increasing server expenses → developers go broke → end of Cytoid.

Or not — if some server expenses could be covered by those who find Cytoid so enjoyable that they have an urge to throw their money at the developers' faces. By the way, we don't mind you doing it.

I would be honest, though; as of now, Cytoid's server costs are not really that expensive. The developers aren't anywhere near broken, either. But as the community grows bigger and more of the features become available (e.g. leaderboards, multiplayer), a cheap VPS would not suffice to withstand the traffic.

Of course, if you are just a kind-hearted person who want to treat the developers some coffee, we would not deny your benevolence. <3


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