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Tauri plugin push notifications


Adding push notfifications to the tauri notification plugin


We are adding push notification capabilities to the Tauri notification plugin. This will enable us and all others to have more actively used apps when building with Tauri. Tauri is a great way to create apps that can be distributed to most devices as well as a way to package Holochain.

Push notifications are hard to do for peer-to-peer apps and platforms. The way that mobile OS companies, specifically Google and Apple, force all apps to go through their proprietary platforms to enable push notifications is designed to work with centralized systems, which adds some friction to add them to peer-to-peer apps in a way that preserves the privacy and agency that these platforms promise. We have designed a way to add push notifications to holochain apps by adding support for them to the already existing tauri-plugin-notification. We are using the appropriate features from iOS and Android to do end-to-end encryption of all information and communicating through the services that Google and Apple offer. 

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