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A member of our community has agreed to match all donations made to Deep Adaptation through January 1. The first month of monthly pledges will also be counted. To contribute click the green button labeled "All Gifts Doubled." 

SPECIAL OFFER: All donors (with limited legal exceptions noted below) will also receive a link to screen the film Once You Know ('Une fois que tu sais') online beginning December 24, plus an invitation to join film director Emmanuel Cappellin for a conversation about the documentary on January 4. Viewing link and discussion details will follow.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER FROM PULP FILMS PRODUCTION COMPANY: Film rights preclude potential viewers in France (and French overseas territories), Monaco, Andorra, Mauritius, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands from receiving the film link through Deep Adaptation Forum. (DAF regrets that this mandatory restriction affects some of our community, and appreciates understanding that there is no way around it.)

PLEASE NOTE: DAF will reserve a limited number of tickets for those unable to contribute. To request a viewing at no cost please do not hesitate to contact tom.schloegel at gmail.com. Deep Adaptation Forum is committed to welcoming and supporting all members of our community and will never attempt to commodify the possibility of collapse.

Once You Know Synopsis
Today, like a ship entering the storm, industrial civilisation faces the first symptoms of energy depletion and climate change induced collapse. 
Once You Know asks the disturbing questions: Are there better ways of collapsing than others? What is meaningful work on the way down? Director Emmanuel Cappellin is obsessed with how to best respond personally and collectively. 
His quest leads him around the world to meet five of the world’s leading climate scientists and energy experts. They share with him the truth, chaos, and hope in their work. They allow him to challenge everything he took for granted – from growth-based democracies to personal freedoms. 
This odyssey brings him back to himself and to Saillans, his small mountain village. In this life-size, open sky laboratory, where everything becomes once again possible: having a child, redefining questions of social justice, implementing participatory democracy, starting an energy transition…The first steps, perhaps, towards some kind of collective resilience.

Featuring interviews with renowned degrowth and climate adaptation thinkers, including collapsologist Pablo Servigne, co-author of How Everything Can Collapse and Another End of the World is Possible.

Emmanuel Cappellin Biography and Filmography
Emmanuel is a documentary filmmaker and producer at Pulp Films. After growing up between France and the US, studying Environmental Studies at McGill University, and film at Berkeley Digital Film Institute, Emmanuel chose non-fiction to creatively explore the relationship between humans and planet Earth. His work began with Oscar-winning film animator Frédéric Back in 2006, followed by shorts, docs (To the Tar Sands – DOXA, CIFF) and private commissions (Thoughts & Reflections - China). He now shoots for television (ARTE, France3) and cinema, regularly collaborating with Yann Arthus-Bertrand for world-releases such as Climate Voices, HUMAN, or WOMAN (Venice Mostra 2015 and 2019), and has most recently been directing Once You Know, his first feature doc.

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