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Additional funds would help us be able to expand our student externship program, offer our data deletion services for less, and be able to host regular privacy trainings and educational webinars for the public.


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First, we gained the IRS’ approval as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit. Second, we submitted an amicus brief to the California 4th District Court of Appeal in support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) case against San Bernardino...
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Published on September 23, 2022 by Aire Taylor


At the Neon Law Foundation, we hope to create a positive social impact of safety by making privacy awareness and education accessible to everyone. We help people remove their content offline; this includes personal identifying information such as addresses, phone numbers, names, and emails collected via third-party purchases or from public records. We also help people remove old content such as professional sites, social media, and blogs. Finally, we help people opt out of continued data sales of their already collected information. We do this by providing guidance so people can do this for themselves, and we also offer to do this on your behalf by becoming your authorized representative. Through our services and education, we hope to give people their power back to maintain anonymity and get control over their online footprint. With enough funding, we would ultimately offer these services for free. 

We offer an externship program to law students to help research and write about privacy practices, we assist online users in data deletions and opt-outs, and we host privacy awareness educational meetings for the public. Additional funds would help us be able to expand our externship program, offer our data deletion services for less, and help make awareness campaigns more regular. Our staff consists of volunteer attorneys to review privacy laws and submit authorized deletion requests as well as engineers who have created scraping tools to help people find their information online faster and more accurately. We would like to be able to offer these services to more people in more states and in different countries as well as get a broader team of attorneys and engineers who are dedicated to this privacy mission. We can do so with funds to market our foundation online and to schools. 

The Neon Law Foundation exists to assist in removing your personal information from the Internet. Addresses, names, or emails that are collected by third parties or data brokers can once again be yours to control. Our experienced deletion technicians can become your authorized representatives when taking down old and unwanted content, reducing your digital footprint and making way for a new chapter in your life. For those who simply wish to learn how to maintain their privacy, the Neon Law Foundation strives to provide quality demonstrations of deletion requests and sale opt-outs. Please consider donating today, so that we can continue to aid your friends and family and keep making the world a more secure place!