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#EndEcocideBelgium is a movement that aims to include #ecocide (the massive destruction of ecosystems that is severe or systematic) in the Belgian criminal code and to support the work at international level to have ecocide recognized as a 5th crime against peace, alongside genocide. 
Until now, the law and courts only sanction the civil liability of those who are recognized as having caused serious damage to the environment, as was the case recently in the Netherlands in the ruling against Shell, and in France against Total. However, these large multinationals know that those fines are not proportional to the damage caused, and often include these fines in their expenditure budget.
We are lobbying political decision-makers to ensure that Belgium is the forerunner in Europe in terms of the ecocide law, by including it in its criminal law and bringing the case to the International Criminal Court.
We also raise awareness so that the concept of ecocide and the need to implement the law are understood by society at large. 

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