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Open Collective

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East & South East Asian Solidarity Bristol (ESEAS)

We aim to co-create friendly spaces for the East & South East Asian diasporic community in Bristol to come together.


Catalysed by the rising East and South East Asian (ESEA) racism during the pandemic, East & South East Asian Solidarity Bristol (ESEAS) was born in May 2021 out of the need and desire to create a friendly space for the ESEA diasporic community in the city to come together.

Since then our grassroots collective has grown - forging and deepening connections and building solidarity within the community through stories, food, crafting, sharing resources and supporting each other. Our community cookbook and scrapbook are just a few examples of some tangible culminations that have bloomed out of our existence so far.

Ultimately we want to belong and feel a real sense of community for ESEA people within and outside of Bristol where the culture of accountability, empowerment and uplifting each other is the norm.

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