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The new ESLint website is live!
Published on June 23, 2022 by Nicholas C. Zakas

We just announced that the new ESLint website is live! This has been the largest project that the ESLint team has taken on its nine years of existence and took over nine months to complete. We started with a simple idea: we wanted the website to be more functional, easier to navigate, and more useful to everyone from new users to established users. In doing so, we researched who to work with and evaluated multiple other websites for open source projects. The result is a website with character, creating more of a brand identity for ESLint while putting the most important and helpful information upfront for everyone.

This is an example of a project that would not have been possible without your donations. Overall, the project cost around $60,000 USD, and we think it is well worth it to provide an upgraded experience to our users.

With this positive experience behind us, we are now turning to the next set of tasks that we can fund with your donations.

Thank you for supporting ESLint.

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