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Zcoin Development Update 17 April 2020
Published on April 17, 2020 by Reuben Yap

Core Upgrade, Deterministic Masternodes and LLMQ

  • Core upgrade is complete.
  • Huge improvement in sync time (almost cut in half). Complete re-index on a Ryzen 2700X and SSD takes about 1.5-2 hours. This can be accelerated further once Zerocoin code is taken out.
  • Testnet release with explorer on
  • Long lived masternode quorums are working
  • Transitions from legacy Znodes and Evo Znodes have been tested
  • Testing and bug fixing before public release
  • Once released, 3 weeks to upgrade then an additional 3 weeks to register new masternodes on the new Evo system before payment mode switches over.
  • Work to update Znode masternode tool to support the new masternode system has started.


  • Lelantus join/split functions for spends are being written
  • Unit tests for Lelantus integration being written
  • Anonymity set to be adjusted to keep single proof verification within 0.5 seconds
  • Batch verification to be implemented as follows
  • For syncing
  • Within each transaction
  • Wallet to prompt upon startup and upon activity when new funds come in for password so that funds will be auto-minted to Lelantus (with a setting to disable auto-minting)
  • Mints should always be individual transactions (with unique txid) for each address. This prevents mints from being linked together besides time.

Elysium Sigma and ZTM

  • Elysium tokenization layer is merged to master and set to activate on 4th May.
  • To decide whether to publicize as although fully functional, additional development time is required for adaptation of blockchain explorer to support Elysium tokens

Mobile App with Sigma

  • Android build is ready with full Sigma mint and spend functionality (ask if you want to test!)
  • PR pushed and awaiting for Edge to accept
  • IOS build is being worked on

Electron Wallet GUI

  • Electron wallet is now available on Get Zcoin page as an alternative wallet to QT.
  • Address book completed by Arcadia with assistance from Tadhg
  • Mnemonics recovery and creation completed by Arcadia with assistance from Tadhg
  • Wallet version 1.06 released with bug fixes
  • Startup code being rewritten via Sproxet’s ZCS proposal. Work is almost complete


  • New academic paper on Hierarchical One-out-of-many Proofs that greatly improves proving time has been published.
  • Found an issue where 32 bit builds of Zcoin could not generate Sigma transactions. Thanks to Noir team for letting us know!
  • Initial research on FlyClient seems promising for fast syncs. May be easier solution than zk-proof based instant sync.
  • Support Zcoin’s work via OpenCollective and get swag!