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Zcoin Development Update 7 May 2020
Published on May 7, 2020 by Michael "Muggles" Bernhardt

The past month has been very productive with major headway being made on Lelantus and also polishing and preparing Deterministic Masternodes and LLMQ for release. We finally finished all work on our privacy on by default mobile wallet Sigma and are waiting for Edge to approve our pull request. Our Electron wallet GUI has also gone through some major improvements and we’ll be making a new release soon.

Core Upgrade, Deterministic Masternodes and LLMQ

  • Final testing underway especially on transitions
  • Fixed some stability bugs and crashes
  • Ported unit tests for masternodes
  • QT GUI completed for new Znodes
  • Fixed getblocktemplate and confirmed that it is working with test pool (thanks to Mintpond)
  • Znode tool for hardware wallets scheduled to be completed by next week
  • Enabled deterministic masternodes and fixed Trezor bug in Electrum-XZC


  • Lelantus join/split functions complete
  • Auto-minting function being coded. Once this is done we will have a fully working Lelantus (subject to testing, performance improvements, batch syncing and audit)
  • Anonymity set agreed to be 64k with 16k sliding window
  • Consensus mint, spend and join split limits are set as follows for security
  • Value of mint no greater than 1001. This also protects privacy by preventing too large mints from standing out especially if they are spent in a single large spend.
  • Limit of transparent spend output per block to 1100 xzc/block
  • Limit of transparent spend output per transaction to 1001 xzc
  • Limit of join split output to 1001
  • Started reaching out to firms for code audits

Mobile App with Sigma

  • IOS build is pushed. Spoke to Edge and they agreed to dedicate resources to review the PR.

Electron Wallet GUI

  • Huge performance improvements on the rich GUI wallet with improvement to statewallet.
  • Deterministic Znode front-end is being worked on with Arcadia
  • Refactor of entire startup code complete via Sproxet’s ZCS proposal
  • New release will be made after backend work is caught up