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How Partnership Works

Fix Dealer enables content creators and product developers from all over the world to find a platform for expression.

Experts with the use of language, poetry, production of technical documents and media content are provided with free access to meetups where they can collaborate and work with product developers.

Creative works are developed as courses by members of the community for free. However, when sold, participating project teams earn a share of the income.

Sharing Formula

To enable the development of content in such a way that all parties are fairly treated, we share proceeds from sales of courses or group memberships with the following formula:

  • Creators take 20%
  • Developers take 30%
  • Sponsors take 40%
  • Community takes 10%

Our Creators

These are experts who can read, write and speak in a language, use poetry or produce media content. They use content briefs from meetups to build courses.

Our Developers

These are experts with products. They know how Industrial products work and provide information to creators who would develop resources from their work. At meetups, they are anchors and speakers.

Our Sponsors

These are people who invest in the whole product development process. This process starts from gathering conversations by developers at meetups, sharing resources with creators who would build courses for workers in training, and providing premium perks to sponsors.

Community Development

Fix Dealer gives back to community development yearly. Our turnover helps us to maintain our web services, pay staff and promote vocational institutions who support us.

Premium Contributions

To contribute learning content or participate in developing products, please click here to suggest an event you would like to join. Events would be listed on platforms used by the organizer.

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