Spring is officially over -- Summer comes
Published on June 1, 2020 by Marcel Klehr

Hello everyone!

spring is officially over and last month has seen a new major release of the bookmarks app (albeit with some teething problems). That means, after a long effort, bookmarks sharing is here. Hurray for that!

Already, in the pipelines is a UI upgrade for floccus, which will improve the overall user experience greatly, as well as a minor release for the bookmarks app with some follow up features and bug fixes for the v3 release. Floccus as well as the bookmarks app have been growing steadily in popularity in the recent months, which is a cause for celebration but also leads to a greater responsibility. This means that I will try to ramp up quality assurance to avoid major mistakes as best as possible.

This is also the place to say a warm thank you for supporting me in this endeavor. I really appreciate it.

All the best and godspeed to you, whereever you may be right now :)