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We started a new food recovery effort!
Published on October 7, 2022 by Brett

New Food Recovery Program
We are so excited to announce that we have started a new food recovery effort in coalition with our community partner Palms Unhoused Mutual Aid! We are working together to recover prepared food on Tuesdays, and then reheating & repackaging the meals on Wednesdays for PUMA's outreach efforts through Mar Vista and Palms. If you're interested in joining us to recover and cook or PUMA's outreach efforts, send us an email. We would love to meet you!

Plans for Expansion
We are looking to expand our food recovery efforts on Sundays by recovering prepared food from caterers and/or restaurants to repurpose into meals for our Sunday outreach. To make this a reality, we need access to a kitchen space with adequate refrigeration on Saturdays and Sundays in West LA. If you know of a place that would be willing to help us with this effort, please reach out to us. In the meantime, our volunteer Deanna has started prepping some homemade meals and treats in her kitchen!

Some of your donations will go towards purchasing supplies for meals while we get this new project off the ground.

23,000 Pounds of Food Diverted
We have reached over 23,000 pounds of food diverted from landfills, 23289 pounds and counting to be exact! This is equal to 1933 pounds of methane saved from the atmosphere and 20,071.05 carbon dioxide emissions. This amount of food waste could power one household for almost 5 years.

Thank you all for your continued support in our community based food system! Together we can create a healthier, more sustainable community.

In Solidarity,
Brett (she/her)

Cloud90 employee

Posted on January 8, 2023


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