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We are Friendly Restaurants. We review restaurants (currently in the Wellington area) based on how environmentally friendly they are. We have several different factors on how we review restaurants. They include:

What type of packaging restaurants use,

What type of straws restaurants use,

What restaurants do with leftover food,


This website is entirely run by my friend and I. We are both year 8's at a school in Wellington, New Zealand. Currently, we make no profit, so all of the money keeping this website up is entirely funded by us.

If you donate to us, the money will go towards making our website better, getting more restaurants, etc.

My friend and I do not want to earn money from this website. We simply want to make a difference towards the waste crisis. We both have a massive passion for the environment. It is the problem of the century (so far).

Currently, you can find our website here, at

We are hoping to upgrade our website during the school year. So if you donate to us, it will mean so much to us and we will be forever in your gratitude. If not, please donate to another amazing charity and support good causes.

Thank you so much,


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