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Berlin Yuval Harari Fans

Fans of, um, Yuval Harari in Berlin


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Berlin Yuval Harari Fans is hosting the following events.

08:00 AM-04:00 PM UTC
Wellches Land wird als erstes Entscheidungen an künstliche Intelligenz delegieren?
Past event
06:00 PM-07:00 PM UTC
See title
Past event
12:00 PM-07:00 PM UTC
Just a test of the invisible events feature of OC in all its coolness.
Past event
06:00 PM-10:00 PM UTC
Artificial Intelligence Meetup


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First Post

This ist just for testing, sorrytoo bad, no comments available no moodSno smilies
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Published on October 26, 2018 by Jens D.


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Do you want another Event?

Published on May 22, 2023 by Jens D.

We only had 10 participants last time so I was wondering if it makes sense to organize another event at all. Please speak up!