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Giving Gaia, the living ecosystem we are part of, a voice, together


“Dear global citiZen, you are invited to speak for and with the land on behalf of future generations of all human, animal, and plant beings. Let your mind be open, let your heart listen wisely, and let your body be ready for action.” – Voicing Gaia.

Voicing Gaia is a collective artwork and an invitation to engage and iterate a participatory vision of democracy where All voices (human and non) are heard and considered in global conversations to cultivate a shared responsibility for the future.

We are currently working on recording and rehearsing a global performance with creative collaborators worldwide. The first act of our play starts with the multilingual reading of the Earth Charter. To make this, we (and GAIA) need your help! The Earth Charter was translated into 60 languages, and we welcome and celebrate people who can translate and record reading in other of the 7,151 and more languages of the world! In particular, we are interested in native and endangered at-risk languages. We want to illuminate the importance of the cultural diversity of our world through the play.

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