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Open Collective

Immerser member

Immerser members represent the interests of the end-users of the metaverse

If you're interested in experiencing what the metaverse has to offer and advocating for user safety and privacy, then the Immerser membership is for you. 

Governance Rights

Immersers elect the Immers Space User Council from their membership. Our bylaws give the User Council the following rights and responsibilities:
  1. Help us select and prioritize what features will be developed in Immers Space software
  2. Establish and maintain a baseline Code of Conduct that creator members are obligated to adopt for their communities
  3. Option to reject any proposed merger or acquisition
  4. Approve any changes to the bylaws that would affect the User Council

Member Benefits

Immersers also gain the following member benefits:


In order to run for or vote in council elections, immersers must:
  1. Use Immers Space enabled sites at least twelve times per year
  2. Not be an active Creator Member


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Matt Cool

Immerser member

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