Wade Henderson

I am a Founder of IMMFinancial.com which is a Commercial Finance Company,  an Alternative Business Lender geared towards helping businesses grow, domestically and internationally with various business lending products.


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I am on OpenCollective to let businesses know of a non-traditional, non-bank finance company who will do everything possible to provide funding to start-up businesses. I will say, we cannot fund all businesses, but we have programs that have the ability to help many different companies, regardless how new the company is.

Our company was formed as a result of the financial crash in 2006 which left the world economy in shambles. It was decided at that time, IMMFinancial.com would be different, and help the companies that were turned away by the banks so that they could grow, prosper and do our part in rebuilding the world economy.

We WILL do everything possible to help fund your business, because we WANT to help. If you are interested, contact us at IMMFinancial.com

All the best,

Wade Henderson