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Impower Games

Impower is an open-source game dev platform where users can build games in a collaborative, cross-platform, visual editor and share them as PWAs.


Why Impower?

The video game industry is one of the world's most popular creative industries, but also one of the most difficult to break into. 

Many potential indie developers feel overwhelmed, believing they must become superhuman solo developers who can do everything (art, writing, music, programming) all on their own. 

Others feel trapped working in large studios infamous for unreasonable crunch, frequent layoffs, toxic work-culture, and employee abuse. 

These barriers to entry decrease industry diversity and discourage many people from attempting to become game developers. 

We at Impower believe that there is another way forward for the game industry. 

Our mission is to drastically lower the barrier to entry for game development to improve the diversity and accessibility of the industry as a whole. 

The Impower Engine: A Mobile-First Game Engine 

Most game engines today prioritize the needs of large AAA studios over smaller independent developers.

The Impower Engine is built with the needs of small teams and non-technical creators in mind. We do everything we can to make the process of making games as frictionless as possible, whether you're a long-time hobbyist or are completely new to game development.

Our current featureset:
  • Performant, cross-platform editor that can run on any device. (desktop, tablet, or mobile!)
  • Functional both online & offline.
  • Real-time collaboration features and tools.
  • Built-in, fully customizable UI & Accessibility features with sensible defaults.
  • Visual Editor with Live Preview.
  • A simple, intuitive markup language. (No coding required!) 
  • Create studios and add members to your team.
  • Publish games directly to your studio page.
  • Games can played directly in the browser on mobile, tablet, or desktop, or installed as a standalone app (a PWA) eliminating the need to distribute games through proprietary app stores.

Find A Team On The Impower Pitch Board! 

It's difficult to build games alone as a solo developer. So we created a pitch board where creators, writers, artists, musicians, programmers, and more can find each other and connect. Just select a genre and pitch your idea (in 300 characters or less) or browse until you find a project that resonates with you!

If you need help brainstorming ideas, try our AI-powered Concept Generator! We trained the tool to suggest clever ideas based on classic game genres and story tropes.

The Impower Creative-Commons Asset Library 

It's easy to get discouraged when starting a new project if it takes a lot of time and effort to create something that looks close to your vision. Most users appreciate having quick templates and scaffolds they can easily customize and build upon according to their needs.

To aid with this, Impower offers a creative-commons asset library where users can find professionally created public domain assets they can use to start building their game.

We pay our artists to design character & background art, music, sound effects, and more, and release them all under a Creative Commons license. This ensures that designers are properly compensated for their work, while also providing creators with an extensive library of professional resources that they can use for free!

Browse the library, download assets, and customize them to your game's specific needs. Or submit your own assets to the library for others to use!

Free & Open-Source

We believe that keeping the means of production free and accessible to all is key to improving the equality and diversity of any industry. Our tools and resources are entirely open-source, donor-supported, and ad-free. (No subscriptions. No ads. No barriers-to-entry.)

Let's work together to make game development better!