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Heart Place Hospital is on the mission to feminize the broken, outdated, patriarchal health care system.

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It was 1974.  I landed somewhere between the ‘Age of Aquarius’ (think sexual revolution, earth mothers & LSD), and ‘disco’.

Born into a loving family in Auckland, New Zealand, I enjoyed a wonderful childhood typical of the kiwi experience alongside my older brother. However, I also spent much of my childhood being told about my ‘defects’ and my broken parts.  I was born with a serious heart condition for which I underwent two major surgeries, and my mis-understood spiritual connection which would eventually be diagnosed as epilepsy.

For as long as I can remember I have felt an other-worldly connection to all of life’s vibrations.   Being an empath, I am a deeply spiritual person, strongly connected to my inner knowing or ‘spirit’.  This allows me to manifest things into my life very quickly, and sense things occurring before others are aware.  As a child this was the source of a lot of fear, confusion, and shame.  It would be a long time before I could embrace and use the super-powers of being an empath.  

My childhood traumas steered my career decisions, and in 1993 I graduated from Unitec with a degree in Being An Angel (Nursing).  I then spent the next 26 years poking around the wards of Auckland’s Starship Hospital, London’s Great Ormond Street and St Mary’s Hospitals, followed by Greenlane, Auckland and Waitakere Hospitals back in New Zealand.

Much of my life has been spent parading around in sexy grey-green scrubs and face masks, surviving on coffee, cake, wine, and gossip (anything to cope and make it through, none of it particularly helpful…although the gossip was fun).  But the job isn’t without its lighter moments… seeing a doctor run to the emergency department upon hearing a nurse yelling “We need the fallopian tube from ED, stat!” was pretty amusing.

After marrying and having much fun creating two incredible daughters (of who I am very proud!), I continued my career in nursing - putting my own needs aside once again to care for our most vulnerable citizens.  

And gradually, my ‘tank’ was getting emptier and emptier with no real, relevant support to help me identify the problems, or keep it full.   

Then in 2016, I came face-to-face with my first childhood trauma with a new procedure at the same hospital.  This started a chain reaction of PTSD that would take a long time to heal from – psychologically and spiritually.  My typical coping mechanisms were gone, and in the still void that remained, I began the journey to heal from my traumas.   And it was here that my journey to Heart Place began.

Fast forward to July 2021, I have made the decision to honour my whole being and discontinue burning myself trying to keep others warm.  I also answered my soul’s call - to care for the carers.

Which brings us here.  It’s why you are reading this.  

‘Heart Place with Nurse Jacqui’ is a holistic Whole-Health practice.   This is a safe space for the carers and empaths of the world to be uplifted and supported with the tools and information required to function – feeling healed, heart-full, and empowered.