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An option to discount usable Offcut from meterial cost in report.

jirachot assawakhajornsak

Posted on June 18, 2021

Why report calculate cost of used matrial interm of quintity of item only ?

like in this picture an offcut can be use so it should be discount from material cost calculation (option)

and a program should have offcut criteria like 
if left over have  Wide : > 300 mm. & Lenght > 300 mm. then consider it usable offcut and discount it from material cost calculation in report

and while at it offcut too should be Label and keep in data as a material stock that will be use automatically whenever I can.

I work as a knockdown furniture in factory so I have a chane to try these type of program that have these option (Polyboard,Opticut,Vwood,xxy designer).

Martin Mueller

Posted on June 19, 2021


I understand your needs but they are beyond the scope of OpenCutList for several reasons:
  • OCL keeps cutting diagrams inside of your project. There is no concept of inventory of panels/wood, the useable waste cannot be returned to a central database where it could be used by other projects. Even if we were to store the offcuts locally on your PC, what if you work in a company with more than one drafter?
  • it is up to you to decide what can be done with the offcuts. There are so many different situations (material very expensive or rare, material very cheap) that it is best to leave it to the user to decide what percentage of the board(s) his customers are willing to pay.
  • OCL lives inside of SketchUp, which is a multi-purpose drawing tool. We tried to avoid adding features that are only used by a very small fraction of users.
If SketchUp + OpenCutList does not do what you want, there are plenty of other options available, like Polyboard + Opticut.

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