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Having trouble with cost/report not generating for dimensional lumber

JaNie Gonzalez

Posted on April 8, 2021

Can anyone let me know why or what I may be doing wrong as the cost/report is not generating for the dimensional lumber. The report does generate for the plywood sheets. I have inputted the cost per item on all my lumber. My model also includes a wood dowel and table legs pre-made that I am going to buy from a website. The report also includes the cost for these items, so now issues there. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Boris Beaulant

Posted on April 8, 2021

Hi Janie,

Is there an error displayed ?
Does you plywood part appear in the part list with sheet good material ?
Could you please send a screenshot of your report ?


JaNie Gonzalez

Posted on April 10, 2021

Thank you Boris for reaching out. I was able to finally figure out what I was doing wrong, or at least not doing haha. I was so excited about the updated "report" version that I completely forgot to label the material in the parts list section/properties of part menu. Or it may have been the fact that I added the exact width and thickness of that piece of lumber to the "properties of material" menu section under "cutting parameters". If I'm making any sense at all haha. I do have another question, however I am not sure If I would need to start another conversation. My question is: Is there any way that the lumber can be cut into parts in the cutting diagram, like a plywood sheet is? For instance, it is cheaper in my part of the area to purchase a 2x6 vs a 2x4 and and 1x2. So I would like to split the 2x6 into the 2x4 and 1x2 that I would need. Or in another case, purchase a 1x12 to make 1x4's. I hope I am making sense. Right now, I NEED to add each size under the cutting parameters of the 1x12. Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Martin Mueller

Posted on April 11, 2021

Cutting diagrams for ripping 2 x 6 into 2 x 4 and 1 x 2 is not implemented in OpenCutList. OpenCutList summarizes the parts as they are represented in your model and tells you how many of each group are needed. Selecting a base dimension or a combination of base dimensions, to get the best result is beyond what can be done in a reasonable amount of computing time and give a satisfactory result, at least for larger models. 
Even if a 2 x 6 is cheaper than a 2 x 4 + 1 x 2, chances are higher that the 2 x 6 will be of lesser quality because it will contain the pith or have flatsawn grain.
Summarizing: OpenCutList has no function to glue boards together or rip boards to smaller dimensions. It is up to the creativity and craftsmanship of the woodworker to make the clever choices.

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