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Welcome to OpenCutList

Boris Beaulant

Posted on November 9, 2020

OpenCutList produces cut lists and cutting diagrams for woodworking or similar projects.
By inspecting the components and material properties of a scene, OpenCutList automatically creates a list of parts and cutting diagrams, based on properties of material including the type: Solid Wood, Sheet Goods, Dimensional Lumber or Edge Banding for which you can configure grain direction, trimming sizes, saw kerf width, part oversizes, standard sizes of panels and many more.

OpenCutList helps you easily find parts in your model by highlighting them and indicating the grain direction and the orientation of your components.

OpenCutList handles offcuts and panels of any size and gives the user a fast and efficient way of directly configuring SketchUp material.

Part lists and cutting diagrams can be printed for the shop or exported to a CSV file for further processing. OpenCutList can also import objects from a CSV file.

The development of this extension is linked to the community driven sharing plateform project: L'Air du Bois.
OpenCutList is Open Source, available under GNU GPLv3 license on GitHub.

❤️ If you like OpenCutList, we invite you to sponsor its continuous development.

➕If you have any questions, check the FAQ.

Open Source, crowdfunded and easy to use 😊

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