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Updating Made Easy!
Published on May 14, 2021 by Martin Mueller

Since Version 1.9.0 (released in june 2020), OpenCutList can be updated with minimal effort from within the extension (a few clicks and a restart!). The downloaded version is identical to the version available from the Extension Warehouse.

When you see a little orange number in the lower left corner of OpenCutList, it means something is going on. You may ignore it, but we most likely have fixed some important issues that may affect you if you are using OpenCutList often or simply added new features you might like.

If you want to know what has changed between each version of OpenCutList since the first release (0.3.0 in december 2016), read the github file. If you are still running a version prior to the current version 2.0.1, then the top of this file will list many reasons to upgrade.

Stay safe and enjoy woodworking!

The OpenCutList Team