Open Collective
Open Collective

Repair Cafe


Aid the public in repairing, rather than discarding, broken items


We will attempt to fix many items - ideally by teaching the client how to fix it themselves. Contact us first if the item does not fall under the categories below, in which we have expertise:
  • Bicycles
  • PCs (laptop and desktop)
  • Wooden furniture
In no case will we pick up or drop off items. It is the client's responsibility to bring and take away any goods for repair!

Currently, this only takes place during our regular open evenings (every Wednesday, from 6:30-8:30). If this service is popular, we may add a dedicated session to handle repairs.

All repair work is free, but a donation is encouraged to at least cover material costs.

Our team

Bil Bas

Designer, Coder, Woodworker, Maker

John Barbrook

For SnackSpace Nibbles

Mark Keating

Core Contributor


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