December update

Published on December 5, 2018 by Andre Staltz

A social network off the grid

Precious backers, thank you for continuing the support. The first newsletter I sent was to 14 backers, now it's going to 30 backers! It means a lot to me that you didn't cancel your monthly donation, and I'm counting on it to scale up the amount of effort I put into Manyverse. This last month I worked approximately 80h on Manyverse, out of which 10h were funded by you all. I'm trying to get those numbers up, and one way you can help is looking for organizations or wealthy individuals which can quickly bump up our finances.

Here's what was achieved last month:

The community in the social network is growing in exciting ways. Last month we reached an interesting milestone: 100k edges in the social graph! Here's a rendering of the social graph on my computer:

As a reminder, you can reply to my emails and ask questions, I am glad to maintain a conversation with the community. This is important to gather info, because we don't have analytics of any kind, no tracking of any kind. I hope you all have a great December holiday break! My December will be a bit busy but as usual I will have time to work on Manyverse and write a new update to you all early next year. See you!

— Kind regards,

Andre Staltz