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Sponsors update - December 2022
Published on January 10, 2023 by Ruth Cheesley

Hello all, and happy 2023!

I hope those of you who take time off over the last few weeks of December were able to rest and recharge with your friends and family.

So, here we are and another year has passed - what a year!  Sometimes I can get so caught up with the day to day things that I forget to step back and celebrate all the awesome things that we have achieved in a relatively short space of time!

A few highlights include:
Take a look at the numbers in our annual report on Savannah, and the automated round up post on the forums for more detail.

Coming up in the new year we are focusing on the areas outlined in our strategic priorities:
  • Increasing participation
  • Improving quality
  • Increasing innovation
  • Streamlining Mautic core
  • Increasing reach
We will have several projects starting soon to help us with achieving our ambitious goals.

We really would not be able to do half of the things we are making happen without your support, both financially and with practical contributions, so thank you from the whole community for your commitment to making Mautic even more awesome!

As part of our growth plan, in the coming year we will also be working hard to develop what we provide our sponsors and introducing various benefits at different tiers, so watch out for an announcement coming soon!

I look forward to an exciting year ahead with Mautic, and wish you all the best with your own adventures this year!