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Open Collective
In December Brenda, one of the Near North camp residents, was interviewed about surviving the cold and COVID-19
Published on January 6, 2021 by Benjamin Melançon

Watch Brenda's interview with Unicorn Riot

Brenda is currently housed outside of the camp (both her sons are still living in it) and going into surgery on January 21st and is looking for supplies to help her recovery. You can support her directly via CashApp at $UrFrennieBrennie

P.S. Thank you all for your wonderful support, we will be posting updates on Near North residents' democratic decisions about use of donated resources shortly, as well as follow-up on another eviction threat (that residents believe will only restrict space available on one lot, but official notice from Hennepin County—which has not talked to residents or supporters at all about anything, has been totally opaque in its processes, this was leaked to us—is expected as soon as today or tomorrow).