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April Wrap-Up: Upcoming events, opportunities & more
Published on April 29, 2022 by Alaya Carr

Dear all,

Thank you for your continued support of our project. With your contributions and solidarity, our work is made possible! As we move towards sunnier days and summer events, your support is even more vital. If you are interested in attending a New Member Orientation this month or next, please send us an email!

In addition to our monthly delivery of English and Spanish books to the food pantry organized by COVID19 Mutual Aid and Uprooted & Rising Seattle, we tabled at three different events in April.

On April 23rd, we distributed books at the Seattle Spring Mutual Aid Fair alongside groups like Stop the Sweeps (IG: @stopthesweepsseattle) and Strawberry Patch (IG: @strawberry_patch_mutual_aid). As the cost of living in Seattle continues to rise, it was a wonderful day to come together and share resources with other mutual aid projects. We also provided books for Na’ah Illahee Fund’s Earth Day event.  

On April 24, we tabled at Nurturing Roots Farm (IG: @nurturingrootsfarm) for their Earth Day event. These books were curated around themes of environmental stewardship and food sovereignty. We credit COVID19 Mutual Aid for reminding us that “food sovereignty is a term that originated with the international peasants’ movement La Vía Campesina in the 1990s as a way to combat the influence of transnational corporations on the production and distribution of food.” We are also grateful for the young people writing poems that day. One of our team members was lucky enough to get a beautiful poem based on the words community, care and newts. 

Our next tabling event will be on May 14th at the Delridge Farmers Market – keep an eye out on our social media for any updates.

As always, we deeply appreciate your solidarity. If you have any questions or feedback, send us an email at seamutualaidbooks (at) gmail

With care, 
Alex + Alaya (and all of us with Mutual Aid Books)