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A modern, lightweight text editor with minimum design.


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What is Notepads and why do I care?

I have waited long enough for a modern windows 10 notepad app to come before I have to do it myself. Don’t get me wrong, Notepad++, VS Code and Sublime are good text editors. I have used most of them and I will continue to use them in the future. However, they are either too heavy or looks old. I really need a win32 notepad.exe replacement that feels light and looks cool to help me get things done as quickly as possible and use it as a turnaround text editor to quickly modify config files or write some notes. Most importantly, it has to be blazingly fast and beautiful.

So here comes the “Notepads” 🎉 (s stands for Sets).

  • Fluent design with a built-in Tab system.
  • Blazingly fast and lightweight.
  • Launch from the command line or PowerShell by typing: "notepads" or "notepads %FilePath%".
  • Multi-line handwriting support.
  • Built-in Markdown live preview.
  • Built-in diff viewer (Preview your changes).
  • Session snapshot and multi-instances.

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