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December OutKast Update
Published on December 15, 2022 by Aaron El Sabrout

 Hello Everyone,

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Blessed Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and I hope you have a good new year. I'm writing you all together right now to sum up the year and just say thank you and send my love for what we've been able to get up to. Thank you all for being part of the creation of OutKast People Nation. I'm deeply grateful to you all for your support and trust, and for your financial contributions! Thank you especially to Akeem, Tariq, Patricia, Kim Russell, and Ida for their organizing and visioning with me. So far this year we have raised nearly $6,000 and spent over $4,000. I'm grateful for this opportunity to run this amazing project. We also have lots of projects planned for next year, including zines, a podcast or radio show, and patches and other merchandise. I'm excited to build this project bigger with you all.

I'm grateful to the contributions you folks have made to make this project happen over the last few months. I'm also grateful to GiveButter for providing the platform to raise money, and for Open Collective Foundation for fiscally sponsoring us with that sweet nonprofit status. If you're reading this on GiveButter or over email, please consider giving your donations in the future through our Open Collective Site to get tax deductions. Finally, I'm extremely grateful to Emma for stepping up to help support some of the correspondence. You're a lifesaver!

So far this year we have distributed $4,318.34. This does not include December stipends, which I'm still sending out in the next week on account of ConnectNetwork being down again. Here is the November progress:

11/4 | Mario | $103.95 | general |  | 
11/4 | Cardi | $103.95 | general |  | 
11/4 | Tariq | $103.95 | general |  | 
11/4 | Empress | $103.95 | general |  | 
11/4 | Kim | $93.95 | general |  | 
11/19 | McClain | $103.95 | general |  | 
11/4 | Akeem | $131.50 | shirts |  | 
11/19 | Akeem | $50.00 | emergency stipend |  | 
11/19 | Akeem | $5.75 | stamps |  | 
 | Ida | $100.40 | items |  | $901.35

I'm looking forward to doing more projects in the next year, but first I'm looking forward to a few weeks of much needed rest.

In the meantime, be safe, take care of each other, and I'll see you next year. I love you all.

In solidarity always,