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November Outkast Update
Published on November 19, 2022 by Aaron El Sabrout

(Originally posted on 11/4/22)
Hi Folks!

Happy Hallowe'en~! I hope you've all been having a good month and staying warm as the world starts to spin toward the cold half of the year.

Thanks as always for continuing to support this project! We could not be here without you folks' contributions. Thanks in particular to our monthly donors Ravi, Bodhi, and our anonymous monthly donor! Thanks as well to this month's onetime donors <3.

As I mentioned previously, I am in the process of seeking fiscal sponsorship for this project. We're currently in contact with Open Collective and the Alliance for Global Justice to try to work that out. I'll keep you folks posted as that progresses.

I'm also pleased to report that Kimberly has received a parole date for next summer! If you'd like to send her congratulations, please contact me and I'll share her contact info with you. We're also getting three new members: Jorden, Kimi, and Kathryn, referred by Tariq, Kimberly, and DeeDee respectively!

Once again I'm grateful for the ongoing support that allows us to grow our mission. Here are some words Tariq shared with me about the importance of this project this month:

" I think what might help fundraise might be a page explaining how those on the inside need help financially in expanding and getting the prison to recognize the rights of members of the LGBTQ community. I think it needs to be explained how advancing the rights of those incarcerated but are apart of the family of LGBTQ members needs a voice and we get that voice through litigation. Explain how litigation is king or Queen in here. No one listen's unless their's a civil suit behind it. I think folks need to know that the clothing and amenities that support and advance members of the LGBTQ communities true identity is denied by the prison and made a mockery. Assist and Help folks inside bring out their true selves."

Thanks as always to Tariq for sharing their wisdom and words!

Here are the stipends we've sent out for October:

10/5 | Patricia | 2.71 | stamps |  |  | 
10/5 | Akeem | $64.99 | kite magazine |  |  | 
10/6 | Mario | $103.95 | general |  |  | 
10/6 | Tariq | $103.95 | general |  |  | 
10/6 | Empress | $103.95 | general |  |  | 
10/6 | Kim | $103.95 | general |  |  | 
10/6 | Cardi | $103.95 | general |  | 587.45 | $3,317.9

In solidarity,


Ps-- Here's a poem by Ida "DeeDee" that she shared with me this month!

 Raised by Grandma because Mom didn't want me
 Poverty and welfare was all I could see
 Seperated Dad took too long to step in
 East side apt., private school/made my head spin
 Too long a "have not" I couldn't find my way
 High intelligence, transgender, then drugs held sway
 Scared of my own shadow I robbed with a water pistol
 locked up for 10 years wondering where my life got to
 Out free living with a man I met in prison years before
 Cursed, manhandled and kicked to the floor
 Scared, I reacted strongly
 Took his life because he wronged me
 55 to Life sentence/free life behind
 Hoping to get free/law work a grind.
 LGBTQ family raises me up
 something real and pure in my life, not just luck
 A Jailhouse Lawyer, advocate and writer
 I might be caged but I'm still a fighter
 For those tossed aside, locked away and marginalized
 I fight for equality, justice and against the oppressors lies.
 For behind these bars my body may reside
 My work here gives me pride
 I acknowledge I can't do it entirely by myself
 So I look to the professionals/the organizations for help
 To give some time and energy to those in need
 Because most of us will one day be freed
 To be the neighbors and coworkers within a productive society
 We are the diamonds in the rough or strive to be. 

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