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San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers has been archived.

San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers has been archived and is no longer active.

San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers

Making the arts a vital part of young people's lives.


San Francisco Art & Film for Teenagers is all of us

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Our motto is “we give you what school can’t” and we deliver by making first-rate cultural events accessible to Bay Area students; events chosen to stimulate their curiosity, excite their imaginations, and help them enter a wider world.

San Francisco Art & Film was established in 1993 to make the arts a constant and inspiring presence in young people's lives. Experiences that address the aspiring, self-reflective impulses in our students are sorely needed in the present cultural climate. We believes a steady stream of contact with the arts gives young people a context through which they can begin to understand their own lives and discover their own creative energies. For these reasons we have created a series of free after-school programs that provide opportunities for students to attend a wide variety of cultural events, including film screenings, art gallery walks, museum tours, and theater, dance, symphony, opera and choir performances.