11/3 Alina Manko

Thanks Paul - that would be great if you get it properly attached for any future reimbursements.

Oh, I think I found it! They email something which is slightly different from what shows up in the web interface.

I don't seem to be able to attach a PDF here, but I'll use that in the future.


11/1 Alina Manko

Thanks Paul,

It will be sufficient in this instance. Often organisations will have the option to access a receipt, either by emailing it to you or through your account. If this is not the case here, providing confirmation of the payment with the invoice will do for future interactions.

I paid the invoice now.

Have a great weekend,


10/31 Paul Melnikow

It shows Paid in the web interface. I'm not sure why they don't put that on the invoice itself.

This is from the my bank website. Is that what you need?

10/31 Alina Manko

Hi Paul,

I wonder if you have a valid receipt for this payment (similar to what we ask for)? We will need to see this invoice has been paid before approving the payment.

Thank you,